Rowe Lakes


Lower Rowe Lake combined with upper Rowe lakes

4km to lower Rowe, 8km return

375m/1148ft elevation

Upper Rowe lake (middle Rowe lake)

6.4km to upper Rowe lake

575m/1886ft elevation.

Combined total of 13.4 round trip.

We combine this hike with the Lower Rowe lake and trudged our way over to the “middle” Rowe lake for a view of the valley and stand on top of the waterfall that flows into Lower Rowe. This whole route took us a total of 5 hours. To get to Lower Rowe lake it is nice hike with some elevation gain mostly right at the beginning. It is a nice little lake off the original path and worth the view. We found a squirrel that was quite excited to see us and wanted to check out my backpack, other hikers were there swimming and enjoying the afternoon sun. We continued back on to the path, we came out of the forested path and into a clearing where we could see the whole ridge line, it was quite the sight. We immediate got into the switchbacks after crossing the clearing. These are like any other switch backs I have ever come across and want to be done as soon as the start. As you crest the last switch back you can follow the trail around to your right and you will come to Upper Rowe lake quickly. If you can make out a faint path that goes into the bushes on the top of the switch backs they will take you to the “middle” Rowe lake, top of the waterfall and valley view. I think many hikers make their own way and it is well worth it.


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