Lakeshore Trail

Lakeshore trail.
13 kms, one way.

125m/410ft elevation

From Goat haunt USA to Waterton camp site. We boarded the boat early and enjoyed the cruise across the lake. At goat haunt we went through the boarder, we needed to show our passports but otherwise it was a breeze. This was a family hike with the kids. We had not taken into account the heat of the day and even though we enjoyed the hike it was long and hot. At just over 9kms we stopped at Boundary bay to eat and enjoy the cold water. This is where we officially crossed back onto Canadian soil. The last half was more climbing and ascending, this was tough on the kids even though it was not any great change. We came across a few nice bays, Bertha bay was quite and had a boat sitting in it, a few swimmers were jumping from a plat form and enjoying the heat and water. The kids loved to scramble down the rocky ledge path. Our final small climb was to meet up with junction to Berth falls/lake, we continued away from falls and back to town, this took us about 5 hours total in 34C heat.


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