Crypt Lake

Crypt lake

17.2 km round trip.

675m/2214ft elevation

This hike we did with friends. We got on the early boat and left on the late boat. In this time we spent a good hour waiting for the boat to return us to the Wateron town site and spent about 90 minutes eating and swimming at Crypt lake. We found this was a busy trail in July and for the first few km we were in a steady pack of people, as others decided to stop we trekked on wards to get out of the crowds that all departed off the boat at the same time. As we started losing most of our fellow hikers we rounder a corner and found a light colored cinnamon black bear wanting to cross our path. We had been warned of its presents but were shocked to actually stumble across it since it was such a busy trail. Just before reaching the lake you have to go through a few obstacles, these are not extremely tough but I have heard of people needing to turn around. You pass a old campsite and go over a steam. You then come to a ledge where you have to walk single file to get to the ladder, it is a short but awkwardly placed ladder. You then crawl through a cave, it is a short cave that requires most hikers to crouch and tall people to take off their backpacks and carry them. As you leave the cave you come to a stretch that is narrow and has a cable to hang on to, some of this is tricky and a few places there is a gap in the rock path. Once you get out of sight of the cave you are on firm ground and the lake is not far away. You can choose to go and find the top of the waterfall, it is a neat view but cant see much from above. Many people also choose to jump in to crypt lake from a rock along the edge, while enjoying the summit.


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