Akamina Ridge

Akamina Ridge

18.3 km return

975m/3199ft elevation

This is the one hike I had picked that I NEEDED to do this year. My husband and I talked about it on Friday night and decided that yes Saturday morning we were going to get up early, our sights on the ridge that we had seen weeks before from Wall lake with the boy. 

We arrived at the trail head at 8:00, not many vehicle parked yet but we were prepared. As we started we realized it had indeed rained the right before but did not see that hindering our plans. We knew a storm could be coming late in the afternoon and we wanted to be back to Wall lake in good time but not minding if a storm came once we were on the home stretch. I had done some research and decided we would do the ridge from Form Lake to Wall lake.  
We had never been to Forum lake and it took me by surprise the elevation from Form falls to Forum lake. I had expected it to be more like Wall lake. We reached the lake and looked at what exactly we were up against. There was a very weathered maker long the trail and I knew we had to go right along the lake and up the side to the rock bands. We could pick out a faint trail from afar going up. We climbed as it got steeper the trail was washed out. Not knowing where the best place to start up the rock bands were made me nervous, we followed some wash out, me basically using my hands to continue ( now I know why people use poles!) 

I needed a lot of encouragement and a few times I may have said that this was a hike I was never going to do again. Hubby once declared going down the rock bands were not an option so we continued on. Once we cleared the rock bands and saw the view I was in awe. None of the rock bands were really challenging just the unkown of how high they were and if we were on a good route made me more anxious than I needed to be.

Once on the ridge we could see all the surrounding peaks and valleys. We stopped for a snack and to recoup taking in the view. A hoary marmot took notice of us and was curious of us but kept its distance. We crossed over the back side and over looked the valley below, one foot I front of the other on a shale trail gets my fear of heights going even though hubby had to remind me that technically my feet were on the ground and to look around and just enjoy. 

As we came to the summit we met a couple going the other direction and they happily took put picture. Behind us we saw groups of other people reaching the ridge and the couple were meeting up with some of them but decided to do the ridge in reverse and turning around with their friends to skip therock bands. The clouds started whipping over the ridge, it was windy and for times we were in the clouds saturated  in moisture and then they were gone. 

As our day continued we saw other groups of people following behind us. We found a patch of grass along the ridge and a mountain goat was enjoying it. As it lumbered off we sat and ate. We followed the trail down to Wall Lake and back to Alberta and the trailhead. Its always amusing to me to spend the day in BC in such a unique way.


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