Bertha Lake snowshoeing

Bertha lake


460m/1509ft elevation

This was a first real winter snowshoeing adventure. Vince and I head out just to see how this snowshoeing really works, we figured that it was a good start and knowing nothing about this trail but it is popular and one we had been saving to take the kids with us on during the summer but failed to do so. We picked a beautiful day, the trail was well packed and my guiding skills majorly lacked since I thought the trail head was from Cameron falls, we ended up following a deer path in the right direction and ended up at the correct trail head after my short side adventure. From the trail head it was a well packed trail, and simply gorgeous. The wind was cold, but as long as we were in the trees we were well protected from its harshness. We did pass a couple coming down the falls. The falls were iced over and something to see, we decided to press on knowing we had lots of light left in our day and quickly saw that no one had made it more then a hundred feet from the falls. We switched over to our snowshoes and learned what it was really like to snowshoe uphill. We were optimistic that we could make it up the switch backs and with lots of cheering ourselves on we did make it up to the lake with a few hot chocolate pit stops. There was a sketchy moment at the corner of one switchback that had looser snow and seemed to want to slide. We took it slow and carefully watching our steps and made it up and down with out a problem. We decided that the trail was not something we would attempt any later in the year or with any more than the few snow falls that had already come down early in the snow year. It took us about 4 hours to get to the lake and about 45 minutes to get down. I felt we ran the whole way back, and was happy for gravity in our favour. When we got back to the falls we took off our snowshoes and hiked down. It was a day well spent and something we are both eager to do again.


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