Akamina parkway falls and creek winter hike

 We decided to take the kids exploring. We wanted something fun that we had never seen, so we planned on winging it. We knew what we wanted to do once we saw a teepee set up in the campground by the entrance Red rock road. We parked and walked along the frozen creek. There were a few place with open flowing water and we could here the trickle of water. We climbed and carefully crossed some of the frozen sections along the side of the creek until we had no place but to cross the creek or turn around. The kids would have loved to try and cross but that was not an adventure we were willing to try.

We were obviously not done with our day so we drove up the Akamina Parkway and stopped at the falls. I have never stopped before to really get a good look at them always excited to get to my destination. The rest of the family had apparently never even noticed the falls before. We climbed along a trail to the right and then as hubby decided to climb across to the other side of the creek the kids and I backtracked to the other side from the road. It was a realitivly short and hidden path to the falls. The falls were impressive once we got close, we could hear the water running under the ice and a few times the snow gave away at the bottom of the falls leaving our leg in a hole. The kids were not excited to wait for their dad to explore before I would let them near the falls. As I got closer to the falls I was happy I had my rain coat on since it was as if the whole thing was misting. I was much happier viewing the falls from the bank and solid ground.


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