Bears Hump



Bears Hump Hike

2.8km return

225m/738f elevation

This is an amazing little hike. I always grumble in the way up about hating bears hump. Once we get to the top I remember why it is worth it. The kids always seem to run the whole way up while I try to stay slow and steady. Looking around we found many different views of the Prince of Whales Hotel, and many different large rocks to climb on. Once we reached the view point like many other days it was extreme windy and cool. Even rain seems to always appear once I arrive. We continued back and towards the summit, hoping to get different views. The boy loves climbing and this was just perfect, the farther back the more the town below was erased from our view and we only saw mountains and Waterton Lakes.




One thought on “Bears Hump

  1. Waterton Lakes is such a beautiful place! We were there in 2013, but didn’t do this hike. Hopefully we can return. Thank you for sharing your great pictures and love of the outdoors! Keep it up!


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