Avion Ridge via Goat Lake

Avion Ridge is about (what I found from other sources)
3000ft elevation gain 

26km loop from red rock canyon 

We completed the loop in 8hours 

Goat Lake is  7 km (14km round trip)

1000 feet elevation gain

Suggested 5 hours
We started our day later then we usually do, at noon we were at Redrock Canyon parking lot. Our goal for the day was goat lake but talked about the Avion ridge many times. We let the ridge float in the back of our heads thinking that if we made good time to goat lake we would continue on. The fist 4.6 km along snowshoe trail is pretty flat and easy going, we found a grouse and babies along with a butterfly that decided to tag along and hitch a ride on my husband’s shoulder . As we turned off snowshoe trail we started our acccend, this is 2.5 km constant climb. Beautiful views of the valley below come in to view and a waterfall that is flowing out of goat lake.

 The last stretch is a well made rock path, it makes an interesting variation to the trail. We came to a waterfall and enjoyed the last few switchbacks. 

Goat Lake appeared and many people had gathered to grab something to eat. We continued to slog on around the campsites. We both felt like we had time to do the ridge and were willing to continue. In the goat lake valley there were ma y neat things to explore farther back then the lake it’s self. I would recommend spending time venturing around the area. With little elevation have you have some amazing views. 

We stopped at the top of the last little waterfall to grab food before we continued to the ridge. There is a long well defined path in the red shalethat snakes far to the right and back, we decided it looked more fun to scamble staight up to the path right above us instead. At the top and start of the ridge we met a welcoming committee, two men had camped out in chairs at the ridge over looking goat lake. 

Looking back out to Goat Lake in the distance
Looking over the valley on the opposite side.

The ridge walk is about 8km from goat lake to the divide. It levels out around the side of the ridge, with a drop off. You continue to have a few elevation gains as we continue around the other side of another peak. 

The moment we felt like we were decenting we just kept going down the whole way. We found snow and a lovely area. 

The last leg was 11.5km with little elevation change from the castle river divide and the along snowshoe trail, back to red rock parking lot. We arrived back at 8:0o exactly 8 hours from our start. 


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