Sofa trail

Finding the trail head outside of Waterton park, towards the US boarder. You pass the view point and park at the next pullout. We took a few moments to find our path. We were warned that the trail went right through berry country and we were likely to see bears. 

We never saw a bear but there was berries. 

The trail had low elevation gain to the falls. 

The trail seems to end at about 3km around the falls. To the left is a path to continue farther, some use this to do the whole ridge line and scamble. We chose to hang out and eat at the top of the falls.

We surveyed the land and decided to head to the ridge to the right, cutting up between two rock ledges. 

On top of the small ridge we could see upper Waterton lake and the prairies. A very different view then what we normally see when hiking. 

Flowers were blooming down the hill side,  back to the trail. 

The clouds were moving in fast as we found the trail and we finished up our leisurely hike. 


One thought on “Sofa trail

  1. I’m impressed with the varied and marvelous country you have to hike through. I’m also impressed that you’re not daunted by the prospect of hiking through bear country … something I never got accustomed to, at least not yet. I also enjoyed reading your description of your first snowshoeing hike, something I’d like to try, although we have a bit of a drive into the mountains to find snow here in L.A. Thanks for all the likes and following Under Western Skies. Keep hiking.


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