Enticing Our Kids Outdoors.

Not only are my days mine but I share most adventures with my children. I want to show my children how to love the outdoors. I see kids everyday that are house bound, I don’t want mine to be like that. I want to encourage them to roll in the grass, get dirty and enjoy the glorious environment we have around us. 

We are lucky that the kids have the freedom to play without the city lights and traffic. They have trees to climb and fences to jump. I find this is still limiting to me. They have space, but not enough. 

Heading to the mountain with the kids takes patients and planning, or at least flexibility. The boy has no problem leading the pack, he has determination and love of adventures. The girl, well she is social and want to be apart of what we are doing but she likes to slowly meander along. 

So as we think about our mountain time we have to keep in mind distance, length and incline. Each kid is happy with different things so we try to tailor our time. I dont want to wear out and have the kids find it’s not fun to join us. Some days the kids beg to join us but we know that our day is just to much, and other days we throw our long hard hikes to the wayside if they show any interest. 

Balancing Waterton, work, sports, family and friends is a chore sometimes but I know they are all vitally important to me so I have to just make time for it all somehow. 


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