Akamina Parkway

Today the girl and I took the morning to enjoy our favorite places and leisurely explore.

I had heard rumors that the Akamina parkway was back open in Waterton and Red Rock Caynon was once again closed for the winter. This is a sure sign that winter is coming.

After spending the whole summer taking the shuttle up the Akamina parkway on school buses, I really missed driving and stoping wherever I wanted. We change our minds often. That’s just how we roll.
We were both excited when we turned the corner and saw that yes indeed the gate was open. We slowly drove the 50 km/h up the road twisting and winding.

There are some spots I have labeled “tourist” and we usually drive right by, but today was different. Us girls are on a laid back day approach. We snapped off pictures from one of the favorite photographers spots in the park and watch as others streamed past us toward trailheads.

Everyone seemed to be taking advantage of Remembrance day and the road being open, every trailhead at 9am had at least a few vehicles parked. A few caught our eye in wonder. I love unique vehicles!

Many times we trotted down random paths, remembering all of our favorite trails. I love Rowe lakes, Lineham, Form lake… Actually there is no hike that I dont love. The winter road closure at Little Prairie Day Use Area was in effect, with a notice that the rest of the way to Cameron lake was closed. We did not venture to much farther down the road, but it was bare. I am use to seeing the road closed with 5 feet of snow and numerous snowshoers and cross country skiers out and about.

In my head I was planning on the snowshoeing we have to do soon. At least after the snow falls. Nothing beats fresh snow blanketing the ground with huge flakes still talking.

I am glad that the road is open again and ready for winter but we will enjoy the warm fall days while we have the chance.


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