The Forgotten Falls (or not so forgotten if you are an ice climber)

We decided we really needed to check out one of our favorite falls. It’s what I think of as the Forgotten falls since I don’t know the actual name. Last winter was the first time we stopped to venture out and I was fascinated with them, now with no snow and the temperature at +17 (in November!!) We thought is was a great time to see them in a different light.

We forged our own path until we found the well worn one and tramped our way back to the trickling falls. Its a quick jaunt just about a kilometer to the base. I managed to stand underneath and barely get wet. It was more of a constant mist.

The water quickly flows under the rock I was standing on, leaving the stream bed looking dry while flowing back under the Akamina parkway and into the stream that flows down along the road.

The girl enjoyed the view and she laughed most of the way back, sliding on her butt once or twice. We noticed many slowing down driving by, looking around and then kept driving. Sometimes the not so hidden gems are best ones to find.

We will be back once it freezes up and looks like one giant amazing icicle.


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