Prince of Whales Hotel view point.

The Prince of Whales is a focal place in Waterton. Everyone that comes to the park takes pictures, lumbers through the lobby of the hotel and stands in the wind looking over the Waterton townsite and into the USA. 

Even if it is not windy, it IS windy at the cusp of the bank. The cold air whips across the lake seemingly pick up speed and dropping temperature right up the side of the bank and smack right into your face. 

Over the years we have had many photos taken at the Prince of Whales and some times we have be blessed with perfect weather. In May of 2009 we had a calm and 30+ day. No snow, and most surprising was no wind. 

With the view, some would think it’s an excellent place for lets say a picnic… Well more often then not you can barely stand. Everyone runs back to their vehicles and you can hear doors slamming shut over the howling wind. Most days. 


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