Taking the first step is the hardest. 

For many of my adult years I hated going outside, I was more comfortable being active inside without weather changes, bugs and mud. One spring I had this urge to go to Waterton, we hiked up Bears hump. Standing in the wind my husband and I made a plan for the summer. We were going to do just a few hikes in the next few months. As days turned into weeks we started going once then twice a week. We started picking longer paths, friends joined us, our children were loving this new “us”. As fall came and we started a new school year I felt the need to hit the mountains and no one could join me, so I went solo.  

As snow fell that winter my husband brought home snowshoes and with a thermos of hot chocolate and enticed me to Waterton. Slogging through fresh snow, with huge snow flakes falling I was in a place that felt like a dream. Nothing could have prepared me to love snow so much. Winter and snow did not slow our trips to the mountains. We would finish most days off with hotdogs, poutine and deep fried pickles from Weiners of Waterton. 

While our children out skied us at Castle Mountain we traded in our skis for our snowshoes once again. Connected by our radios we could keep track of what run they were on, who whiped out and who wanted food. It was new terrain and something that I looked forward to. 

The spring showed back up and through rain and mud we sloughed through trails. Smiling and enthusiastic. Nothing can beat the feeling of getting out. The amazing views, the quiet moments, the shared space with wildlife. I am thankful for my change in attitude. Adventuring and enjoying the great outdoors has become the way I recharge and something I needed. 

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