Outdoor thrifty 

I used to think I had to buy everything brand new from a store. Thrift stores had funny smells, they were over whelming with things and I just could not get the idea out of my head that they were just for other people. My eyes were opened slowly over the last year by some amazingly stylish co-workers.  I am now giddy with my new finds at unbelievable prices for quality clothing that seem to be brand new, and occasionally are new. 

My latest purchases I walked out of Value Village with was; brand new with tags winter boots, a north face vest that looks like it had never been worn, and a pair of spikes for my shoes still in their box all for $20.28. My new boots are great for snowshoeing, and my vest was perfect for layering. 

These have not been my only outdoor deals, check out my north face rain jacket for $11.99, and my Columbia packable pants for $6.99 then adding on a 50% off day I walked out of the store with them for a total of $9.49. 

I have also found some wonderful wool sweaters, some name brand and a few that I can imagine some little granny making with love for someone in mind. Somewhere along the way they were not charished and caught my eye. I don’t mind if they don’t have tags as long as they are warm, comfy and in immaculate shape. 

My whole point is when you start adventuring there are lots of new things you want to buy. I wanted to buy every new improved gadget, better jacket and different layers for every season. I have now found a way to make buying some of those things even more gratifying.  I dont mind when the kids or I get hooked on a tree, slid down rocks or get so dirty I don’t know if the grime will ever come out.

My tips to find the great bargains you want to wear. 

1. Know what you like. 

I don’t spend endless hours combing through every rack. I go in with ideas. Looking for vests for the whole family? Excellent! Those sections are small and take minimal time to search. I like to touch every piece moving it as I go. I don’t stop and ponder I just keep moving until I find something that is perfect. 

2. Even if you don’t think the section is for you, walk through it.

I started out saying I was never going to buy shoes, Second hand shoes were something I just could never do. This was firm until one day I spotted two pairs of stylish boots, new with tags for $2.50 each. I could not resist and they fit my daughter perfectly. WIN! Along with my latest pair of new with tags winter boots I still zoom through looking but certain I won’t find anything, until I do. 

3. Find something and look over it closely

I always do the double check, is it the right size? Do all the zippers work? Is it clean? Any worn spots? Is there piling or fraying? 

That’s it. Simple, and gratifying. 


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