My top 10 must do Winter things in Waterton. 

1. Snowshoeing- it’s easy. You can rent, borrow or buy snowshoes. Then all you have to do is find a trail. If your in the mountains always follow posted signage about snowshoeing trails vs cross country skiing, and avalanche warnings Waterton park usually puts up info at most trial heads. It’s always a great idea to check out 

2. Winter hiking- For the less snowy areas and places without deep snow there is still lots to see. On well packed paths you may want to take a pair of spikes for your boots to minimizing your risk of slipping. 

3. Tobogganing-A simple toboggan will do, take it out to a slope and have some fun

4. Winter fire- Sitting around a fire in one of the many camp sites that are easily assessable during many of the fun winter activities.

5. Cross country skiing- You can rent skiis and everything you need from Waterton Glacier Suites. It’s a short drive up to the winter gate along the Akamina Parkway, it starts with a camp kitchen and outhouse just incase you need them. Tracks are groomed and easy for begginers. It’s an easy route just over 2km each way to Cameron Lake. The view is spectacular. If your adventurous you can continue out onto the lake, be careful and heed warnings. 
6.Eat fried pickles from Weiners of Waterton around their outside fire. 

7. Throw snowballs. Sometimes you don’t need anything to have fun! 

8. Skate on a lake – Bring skates, check the ice and enjoy the beautiful view all around you. 

9. Catch snowflakes- it seems that snow is always falling, try catching a few flakes. 

10. Don’t let the weather stop you! Even on the days when we are wondering if it is worth going to Waterton we find something that just makes our day. Occasionally what we have planned changes but our trip is always worth it. 


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