Fat biking 

We made our way out to Castle Mountain ski resort for a day of boarding for the kids. They headed off so Vince and I wandered around planning on getting our stuff for snowshoeing. As we were wandering around we were checking out all the demo mostly.of skis and some snowboards. We stopped and eyed the fat bikes, at that moment we must have been like little kids. It took only moments for us to sign up for demo days and trot back to get quick instructions for the bikes. There was no pressure to get them back right away since they were slow and we had time before people would finish their  runs for the day and want to try out the fatbikes.

I was hesitant about this, yes I have a road bike but it took me some time to figure that out. Snow & ice seemed like a hazard to me. It took me about 30 seconds into our ride and I decide this is my new favorite ride! 

The tires gripped and felt solid on hard packed snow and ice. We then felt good and ventured off on to the snowmobile trails. This proves to more of a challenge. As long as we were moving the soft snow was little problem. Starting was our difficulty, stepping down into soft snow and then putting full weight on the pedals made the bike sink in the loose snow.. We learned that we needed to shift down way more then expected and keep moving when ever possible. 

We returned the bikes tired, this was such a workout. I’m sure on harder packed snow we could have rode for a significant distance. The loose stuff kept us close to the ski hill. 

We both agreed fat bikes are awesome. Not sure that we are ready to spend the money on a pair of bikes yet, but we checked out the rentals of fat bikes at Alpenlands shop on the hill. Stoked at the fact we can rent fat bikes for $35/half a day or $45/day. We will definitely spend more time in the Castle Mountain area on fat bikes! 


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