Mans Best Friend 

Rango, where do I begin? 

It started just a three weeks ago when he entered our house, or does it start 4 weeks ago when I learned Rango needed a forever home, or 6 weeks ago when we said good bye to one of our fur babies Oscar. 

Rango is what my husband lovingly calls a over sized purse dog. We have never had a dog just quiet like him. He loves to be where his humans are; lazing around the house, going shopping, riding in the truck, going for walks and hiking. Yes I said hiking. He is a lover of the great outdoors. At the age of four he is well trained, socialize and has great manners. He also thinks he is human. 

He arrived at our house with the softest paws and well groomed. Now he runs with me down the gravel road without hesitation and has callous on his feet. 

We took him on a trial, to make sure he and our other dog Ellie get along. Ellie is 16 and has the final say. As part of this trial we decided to take him to Waterton for a hike. We wanted a dog that would enjoy what we do as a family. 

We started out small, not wanting to over do it, he greeted other humans and dogs with intrigue and grace. Yes he may have wanted to play but his relaxed demeanor let them pass with a little glance. 

We were told he loves boats, SUP & kayaking. He is a water dog. I can’t wait to show him Waterton lakes on adventures throughout the year. 

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