Sharing my joy of mountains with co-workers and friends. 

Everyone that knows me,  knows I love the mountains. It shows. I have been lucky enough to have a group of friends from work that are eager to join on adventures. 

The first one was back in March right after a snowstorm we went snowshoeing. I was amazed when our group was of thirteen. 

It was a short trek to forum falls, but everyone had fun. 

In the beginning of May I started to get asked about hiking. I got the hint and last weekend we hit the mountains. With the spring snowfalls our options were limited. I wanted something safe but different than anything else others had done. I wanted to show the group something that would make them come hiking again. Mt.Galwey was one of the hikes I planned on for the season and knowing the athletic ability of the group though we should go for it. 

Just the weekend before Rachel betterlivingblog climbed our destination and had a disastrous time. This made me question doing the same hike up Mt. Galwey as planned.
I chatted with Chad Helfenbein another of Blakiston & co’s A-Team members. Check him out on  instagram. He gave a few suggesting including Galwey and he assured me that the ridge was still worth the climb even if we did not do the summit. 

Thanks Blakistons&co for creating such a great group that I can count on for suggestions and info! Check out Blakistons on instagram and their website for more A-Team stories and rentals. 

The day of the hike. Everyone arrived early at our meeting point and caravaned up to Coppermine Creek picnic area. I had sent out a detailed list of things to remember and we were all prepared.  I know there were a few shocked looks when they could see our destination, and the knowledge that others would be doing the full summit.

We climbed, and went off path a few times climbing unneeded but adventourous routes. 

There was a few times where it seemed like a hard climb but I had warned everyone if would be worth the effort. 

We had talked about ticks and bears but had not seen any. We saw squirrels and mountain sheep. As we descended back to the picnic area we saw a momma bear and her cub, thinking we were done all the excitement for the day we all tick checked. At least 4 ticks were found and everyone left with the heebie jeebies. 

We finished our day with hit dogs from Wieners of Waterton. All together quite successful! 


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