Paddling boarding with Blakiston & Co rentals

The boy loves adventures and water.  I have spent much of my life trying to stay dry and hating water,  but for him I will try anything.  The last few years I have been jumping into mountain lakes so he has a partner in crime.  It seemed perfectly fitting that he is the one I would take paddle boarding for the first time. I half expected to hate every moment.

I checked out the website, looking at rentals before we left. Its super easy from the website, you can pick days and times you want. No wondering if everything will already be out on the water.

We arrived at Blakiston & Co’s shop in Waterton to be greeted by the most helpful guy.  He helped us with boards,  life jackets and gave us tips on how to stand up and sent us on our way.

I loved the relaxed atmosphere and cool vibes in the shop.  They are located in a wonderful location,  close to Waterton Lakes and the entrance of town but slightly off the beaten path for tourists. Just follow the sign.

It took us a few minutes to haul the boards and paddles down to the water.  I still was not sure about this was hoping we would last at least 30 minutes.
The water was cool but refreshing, the lake was calm and there was not even a hint of breeze.

All of a sudden we were both standing and loving every minute.  We floated, paddled and like always, the boy jumped in for a swim.

At some point I realized we had been out on the water way longer then I had ever dreamed possible. We were having so much fun, we did not want it to end.  We paddled back to shore loaded up and sadly took the boards back.


We had the best view coming back to shore, catching a glimpse of the Prince of Whales hotel situated up on the hill.  There were many others out on the lake, it was full of kayakers, canoers, floaters and others on stand up paddle boards.


We would have happily spent all afternoon enjoying the mountains and all of Waterton Lakes if we had the time.





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